CHECK VALIDITY OF PASSPORT:  Before your journey, check your passport validity and make sure it (passport) still valid for at least 6 month prior your journey. Otherwise, if your passport validity less than 6 month, immigration officer won’t let you out from your country. Of cause, you will missed your flight and waste your money.

CHECK THE PAGES: Make sure to check the empty pages left on your passport, it is good to keep 5/6 empty pages for your journey.
CHECK BLACKLISTED: Prior your journey or prior buying flight ticket it is strongly recommended to check your name with Immigration Office. If your name listed in the blacklist system, you also will not going anywhere outside your country. Bankruptcy, Court Order, Police case, Narcotic, breach of loan conditions (blacklisted by financial agency eg: bank, PTPTN etc..), income tax and much more cases, the agency involve will send those name to the Immigration department to be appear as BLACKLIST when the subject appear for immigration clearance. Once more, when you are rejected, mean that you waste your money for the flight ticket and hotel.
CHECK FOR VISAS: In some countries, visitors of the selected country are required to have VISA (Visitor Information Screening Advance) to enter the country. Check with your country immigration office and ask the officer if you need visas to enter/visit your destination country. If you need VISAs for that country and you don’t have it, you will not be allowed to enter the country. But some country provide VOA (VISA ON ARRIVAL) at the airport upon arrival at the foreign country. For more information about country that need VISA, visit Immigration Department of Malaysia. Still, you are advised to reconfirm with your country immigration department for a smooth journey.
CHECK ENDORSMENT: When you passes the Immigration clearance, please check your passport back and check for the endorsement (stamp), make sure it there in your passport. Because Immigration officer also human, and human will make mistake. Please check the endorsement (stamp) ESPECIALLY when you just after you passing the immigration clearance at the foreign country. REMEMBER, if there is no inward endorsement to the foreign country, and you already be somewhere in that country, you will be an illegal immigrant. If the Immigration officer did key-in your data in the system, there should be no problem. But there will be a disaster when the immigration officer didn’t key-in your data in the system. Moral of the story, check back your endorsement, if the officer didn’t key-in your data in the system because of the system failure or system down, remember to write down the officer name, booth no, date and time of the transaction.
COUNT STAY PERIOD: When you are in the foreign country, please be remind the your stay period or pass are limited, pass given are different for some country, but most country will be given for 30days, 60days and 90days on social visit, depend on the citizenship and VISAs. Avoid overstay because you will be in detained for breaking the law even for one day. A lot of people misinterpret  the pass period. For example, If you given 30days on social visit starting from arrival date eg: 16 November 2011, never thought that your pass will be expired on 16 December 2011, actually your pass will be expired on 14 December 2011 and that is the last day for your stay.
Why 14th and not 16 or 15th? Ok, take your calendar and start counting for 30days from 16 November 2011 as no.1, and the 30th count will be stop on 14 December 2011.. am I right. That it.. count by each day. The same happen if you given 90days of social visit pass. Count 90days from the date of first entry. eg: Entry date 16 November 2011, mean that your last day to stay is on 13 February 2012. If check out from that foreign country on 14 February 2012, you will be declared as OVERSTAY and will be detained.
DO NOT MISUSED OF PASS: When we visiting foreign country without any work pass for destination country, you will be automatically given Social Visit Pass. By holding Social Visit Pass, you are not allowed to involve in any form of the employment and politics in that county. And of course, don’t ever involve in crime, because the law never looks on what country or what skin you are. If you get caught for crime, you are subjected to the law procedure of that country have. BE FOREWARNED DEATH FOR DRUG TRAFFICKERS UNDER MALAYSIA LAW.
FILL THE DISEMBARKATION / EMBARKATION FORMIf you plan to visit ASEAN country, fill the disembarkation/embarkation form the provided by the immigration department just after your arrival (For Malaysia, this is imm26 form).  During the inward immigration clearance, one portion (Arrival) of the card will be taken by officer and one portion (Departure) will be attached inside your passport. Some ASEAN countries provide small space somewhere at the departure portion, for the purpose of stamping as what as in your passport. (see picture below)
Here is the point of the purpose to fill this form; after the clearance, keep the departure portion with you (separate from passport) and DO NOT KEEP IT IN YOUR PASSPORT, even though the card clearly mention “please retain departure card in the passport”. Because why, if something happen to your passport for example missing, misplace, and snatched, at least you still have the departure card portion with you, to PROOVE that you enter the country legally. Because the departure portion stamped as what as in your passport, mean that the departure card also contain details of date of entry and who (immigration officer) stamp you passport (can be easily detected because each stamp has it serial number that belong to whose officer). At least, you will not be “temporary illegal immigrant” before proceed to the nearest police station.
Remember to put departure card back in your passport for checking out of the country, because you are required to surrender departure card to the immigration officer at the time of your departure.

LATEST UPDATE!!! :Starting on 01.06.2012, the usage of Departure Card (Imm.26) abolished.  

MAKE MEDICAL CHECKUP; after visiting the high risk disease infected countries (refer to health department for more information), please see you doctor immediately, especially when there is a symptoms of disease. Make sure you not bring back the disease and separate it to your family or everyone around you.

Additional tips on Passport
  • DONT keep valuable thing especially money in your passport/passport cover as this can cause you be arrested for bribery
  • DONT use thick or fat passport cover, as this can make it difficult to stamp in and sometime the stamp are not clear or damage
  • DONT keep any cards inside your passport cover, also this can make passport difficult to stamp in. Some cases the cards get lost and left behind at the immigration booth because the immigration officer will remove it (cards) for the purpose of making clearer stamp/endorsement.
  • DONT clip passport pages into a limited space for immigration officer to stamp. It is good to clip your passport pages to make it structured, but make sure to leave 1/2 empty pages unclipped. 
  • DONT use passport that has been damaged, wet or exposed to the ink especially on the personal data page that can make it hard to read or scanned by the machine.

For Malaysian Traveller, Maybe this site also can help you

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Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (blacklist, breach of contract of study load)
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Kementerian Luar Negeri (inquiry about which country you can or cannot enter/visit.
                                              All Malaysian are prohibited to visit ISRAEL


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