Monday, 7 April 2014

EF-DET Performance Upgrade (EF-DET to EJ)

Its been so long I am not active in blogger. Very sorry for no updates/post here as I cannot do anything to my Kancil because it was checked-in into garage for almost 4 month. So this is the latest appearance of my Kancil.

Perodua Kancil EX850 converted to Mira L502 front bodypart

EF-DET engine (Move L9) upgraded with TD04-09 turbocharger, External TiAL wastegate, Tomei fuel regulator, Apexi air cleaner, GReedy aluminium radiator, GReedy deltafin intercooler, HKS SQV blow-off-valve and high performance fuel pump. But still I want more power, more G-force for this Kancil. So second major upgrade had just started last week.

1000cc engine block
Port & polish head
73mm nissan march pistons
Apexi AFC Neo
Apexi RSM
Apexi power flow
Apexi EL1 Boost meter
GReedy turbo timer
GReedy Intercooler
GReedy Aluminium radiator
HKS SQV blow-off-valve
Turbosmart boost controller
Injector 510
Custom ratio 1.0cc gearbox
Double press plate clutch
TD04-09 turbo charger
BOSCH fuel pump
Tomei fuel regulator
Tial 38mm waste gate
Custom 2inch dump pipe
Full samco fuel hose & water line.
On-the-road boost; 1.8bar

All these upgrade touched by high performance garage; RY Garage, Miri Sarawak.
Photos also by RY Garage


  1. hi there, nice article, where about is RY garage, for this upgrade how much will it cost? and if i just want to replace my 660 older model kancil wit kelisa engine 1000cc how does it possible & would it as simple plug & play? tks

    1. RY Garage located at Krukop Miri. Kelisa's engine almost p&p to kancil's chassis.. Interested contact my number 0198687669 (kent) and I will drive you there..

  2. power ni ..nnt upload video sama..hehe

  3. bro... tu power stering rack apa jenis... klu psg d kancil banyk ubah ke...?

    1. Pakai L5 punya.. stering sharf pun pakai L5. senang cari coupling nnti. tak banyak mod, cuma kalau mau pasang tanpa turun enjin kerja susah sikit bro..

  4. hi.. how much overall for engine swap 660cc Turbocharge EFI (EF-DET) into 660 viva? can it plug & play.

  5. Bro, mana mau dpt itu front strut bar ultra racing? Berapa price PM bro kat FB saya vocalmalibu guicalist. 4 point front strut bar ultra racing for kancil..

    1. Kena beli dari dealer Ultra racing. Harga tak ingat..sratus lebih kalau tak silap.. saya boleh tolong order. anything whatapp/ sms saya 0198687669.

    2. Ok bro.. kalau tak silap dekat Horizon Motorsport kan dealer ultra racing kat miri ctok kan.. Tp ku sik tauk cney tmpat nya ya..

  6. Hi can i ask where did u do your custom intercooler piping? Im from miri too... thanks in advance

  7. Hi Bill, im now using l500s ef twin cam N/A auto ,if i want change to 1000cc anything that i need to chnge and what thing i can use back from current ,i get l500s halfcut..
    plan to chnge to 1000cc

    1. just change the whole engine, gearbox and wiring and ecu

  8. Bro.. 660 to 1000, conrod pun mau tukar ke? ef stroke - 60.5mm, ej 81.0mm rite?

  9. Bro, mau tanya, mana lg baik, masuk enjin l2s ke masuk enjin l9? nk kacuk dgn blok 1000cc nanti.

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  11. It is good that you have decided to update your unit. Its condition leaves much to be desired. However, the car is in full combat readiness.

  12. hi bill. im swapping ef-det for my kenari. its from l9 rs model. so what is the supporting mods if change my stock Rhf3 to td04l/rhf4 spec c subaru? what i meant by supporting mods is the fuel support.
    1.What kind of fuel pump do i need.
    2.Do i need to change my injectors in order to boost high. tdo4l- (1-1.5 bar)
    3.Can rhf3 bost more than 0.9?what is the maximum boost level if u use stock injectors and stock fuel pump.

  13. Any know how I could get a ef-det ecu to purchase ?

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