Monday, 30 September 2013

DIY: Turbo Timer Installation For Perodua Kancil

Guys, here is a turbo timer's manual instruction for Perodua Kancil. The installation very simple, just tap the wire. First, what you need to do is to identify these 4 wires; Constant positive 12v, Key ON, Key ACC and parking brake wire. How? No need to worry, I will show it below. 

Now, pull and press the latch of black connector behind the ignition switch. Now refer the picture below.

Ignition Switch connector

These are wires from turbo timer that need to be tapped to the wires in picture above. If you buy new turbo timer, there should be a connector supplied. 

I modify the original 3-wired connector to 4-wired connector. Add on; Ground (-) wire.
Once you identify the wires, refer to wiring diagram below.

Turbo timer connector tapped to the ignition switch's wires.

Make it neat & tidy

Now, my GReddy turbo timer ready! Watch short video below..


  1. boss... sya pkai cap ayam pnye hks type 0.. seme function ok... timing run... but when switch off engine shut down imediately... only timing counting... i m very sure about wiring same as u shown...

    1. kereta apa bos? pernah terjadi kepada saya, pasang kat kenari. Ori HKS.. Bila cabut off ignition, timer countdown, but enjin off..smpai skrg x tau apa masalah.. baca2 dlm forum, bnyk yg cakap timer tu x cukup letrik utk terus hidupkan enjin..kena pasang relay. U cuba dulu rev dlm 2k rpm, serentak tu juga cuba off enjin tengok enjin off ke tak. kalau enjin tak off dan timer counting, mean dat timer tu x cukup letik (power supply).

    2. kancil boss... enjin L5.. ooo ade possibility jgak kan x ckup power nk bypass continue run enjin.. so nk kene tambah relay la ye boss?? which wire? sori newbies...try n error... just tau basic je...

    3. cuba lagi setiap wayar, wayar merah 12v constant biar pada 12v constant .. cuma try setiap wayar bagi wayar hijau dan biru (acc & on).. dah terjadi pada saya semalam tapi hari ni dah ok lepas try.. ;)

    4. Hii.. SOC Pahang, sudah settle ke belum problm 5 tahun lepas ni? Hehe sekarang sy hadapi masaalh yg sama..x settle lg

    5. David -- Sydney Australia- 11/8/21
      Hi SOC palang - thanks for your video, its was good info. I have a question to ask. With the turbo timer install, there are some can NOT lock the door by the remote while the timer is running. It keyless lock. Some of them, you have to wait for the turbo timer to turn off before the door can be lock by the remote (keyless lock).
      It's there any wiring information that can lock the door by the remote whist the timer is still running?

  2. Nice blog you got here mate. Just tukar my enjin from 850cc to L5 myself. This will be a good reference.

    Thanks for the tips and rock on!

  3. Nice post here!
    May i know, for manual gear car, the parking brake wire should connect to which part? Is that handbrake wire?

  4. If nak install turbo timer kat perodua viva sama tk?

  5. This guide makes it easy to cope with the operation of turbo timer, without any effort. This makes it possible to install it at home.

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  8. Do you know what happen if I don't connect the brake wire? I'm looking to install on a boat (marine engines).

    I have on the swith, the follow positions:

    - OFF
    - ACC
    - ON
    - START

    Best Regards,


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