Tuesday, 24 September 2013

DIY: How to install lower spring on Perodua Kancil.

Hi friends..
Now I will shows you on how to install lower spring to your Perodua Kancil. It is easy if you have enough tools. Main tools needed for this project are car jack, cross rim wrench or any wrench no.17 that can be used to remove nut as picture 1 and 2, another wrench no 17 or adjustable wrench, wrench no.12,  screw driver, hammer and coil spring clamp.
Picture 1: Tools that I use..

Picture 2:  I use cross rim wrench (no.17) to do this work. Make make sure you get this nut loosen before you can proceed to next step. Remember, just loosen it. Otherwise you will be in trouble.

Picture 3: Closed up..

Picture 4: Remove nuts in circle, use wrench no.12

Picture 5: Remove 2 bolt & nut as indicted above using wrench no.17

Picture 6: Use coil spring's clamp to help you to separate coil spring and absorber.

Picture 7: I use motorcycle tube to avoid the coil spring's clamp from sliding/moving

Picture 8: Now, continue your step on Picture 2 until the coil spring come off by itself

Picture 9: Separated

Picture 10: Re-install with your low coil spring

Picture 11: Improved brand coil spring

Picture 12: Installing low coil spring much easier. no need to use spring clamp

Picture 13: This way to make your work easier.

Picture 14: READY!!
Now, see the result

Low is slow? I don't think so..haha

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