Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Perodua Kancil 850cc Converted to 660cc Turbocharge EFI (EF-DET) engine

13 Years this 850cc engine work for my Kancil, Now it's time for "him" to rest..

So I go to the halfcut shop(used autoparts shop) to find suitable engine for my Kancil. Got L200s, L502 and L9/L7 engine. All these engine is EFI-type and turbocharge 660cc with 63hp. But i decide to choose the latest engine..EF-DET (L9/L7) one.

My selection... 660cc Turbocharge engine taken out from Daihatsu Move L9 RS / Coure TR (Look-a-like Perodua Kenari/Kelisa in Malaysia). Complete set with wiring, fuse box and ECU


Engine code: EF-DET
Power: 47kW / 63hp / 64PS at 6400rpm
Torque: 107Nm / 79lb-ft / 3600
Fuel system : Electronic Fuel Injections
3 cylinder and 12 valve DOHC
RHF3 turbocharger with intercooler

Max standard boost 0.8-0.9 bar

RHF3 Twin Blade Turbocharger. All in standard

Transplant process started. Stock 850cc carburator engine removed from engine bay

Mirian, have you ever seen this guy? He is the one that i trusted for transplant process to my Perodua Kancil from A-X, remaining Y-Z, I will do it by myself later..

Replace wear & tear parts. Timing belt set, oil seals, clutch set and mounting.

EF-DET engine replaced 850cc carb position. The air conditioner set still using stock Perouda Kancil except the compressor, using L9. Car aircond workshop will do this part later.

Wiring in progress.. Can't wait to drive this little monster..

READY!! It's time to drive it home and feel what this engine can do.. But still cannot kepissh kepissh too much yet..let it running 1-2 weeks and exhause work done. Then............hehe. But with manual transmission it is "very hard" to avoid blowoff valve from sneezing. 

A day after checked out from workshop.. more gadjet will be in here after this..

Extra.. Interior with Gold TRXX L2 seats 

Extra. My Kancil Dashboard

The pictures not very clear because taken from my phone. My next project is EXTERIOR..L502 bodypart in my mind. just wait for updates okey..

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