Tuesday, 6 November 2012

General Information & Tips

Check Engine Oil
For a smooth ride, change your engine oil regularly. Normally engine oil should be changed after 5000kms or three month; which one comes first. This will prevent engine damage due to low oil pressure/levels and debris running throught the system. It also helps the engine maintain a low fuel consumpation.

Check Tyres
Check you tires with a professional if the tires are still safe for use. Make sure it inflated properly and in good condition. Low tread tire can cause you loose control of the vehicle during cornering and braking especially in wet road. Get it rotated regulaly to make sure it wear evenly and can be use last longer.

Check Brakes
Check the brake when you notice a lack of firmness and if you have to push the brake pedal to the floor. The brake liquid levels may be low because of the leaking, or the brake pads are getting thin. Replace or just resurface the disc rotor if the steering wheel shaking or vibrates.

Check Radiator coolant
Radiator coolant is a liquid to absorb the heat from engine block and transferred to the radiator aluminium fin before it cooled by the radiator fan or incoming air. Lack of coolant in the radiator or cooling system will cause engine to overheat. Always check the coolant level  in the resevoir tank is between minimum and maximum levels before a long journey. Do not attempt to open the radiator's cap when engine is hot. Let the engine cool before refill the coolant.

Check Signal Light
Most of us will not realized when one of our car's signal light burn. Actually there is a tip here on how you can detect when car's signal light burn while you are driving. Take a look at the turn signal indicator in the dashboard. In normal situation, when you turn the switch to the left/right, the turn signal indicator will blink once in a second followed with relay sound (tik-tik-tik-tik). But if the turn indicator indicator blink faster than normal, for example twice or triple in a second, that's mean one of the turn signal bulb is not working.


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