Thursday, 1 November 2012

Blogger CNAME Error: "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 32"

After 10days buying my new domain name for my blogger blog through, finally on 01.11.2012 my blog successfully directed to WWW.LOWISSLOW.COM. In that period, an error occur when trying to use my new domain name to my blogger blog. I send emails to support center asking for help, but none of the emails could solve my problem on error message "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 32" in the blogger setting.

The problem is actually about the verification code given by blogger as a 2nd CNAME to be put in the DNS Setting to verify the ownership of the domain name. The error message above occur because the 2nd CNAME given by blogger cannot be saved in the GoDaddy DNS setting just because of one very small matter. Lets see what happen below.

When I trying to register my new domain name with blogger in the SETTING-PUBLISHING-ADD A CUSTOM DOMAIN-INSTRUCTION SETTING, click on the radio button "on top-level domain" , then you will directed into one page that contain your blog's 1st and 2nd CNAME. The instruction should be as below. Bring your attentions to the yellow text that is the 2nd CNAME.

Add two CNAME records. For the first CNAME, where it says Name, Label or Host enter "www" and where it says Destination, Target or Points To enter "" . For the second CNAME, enter "THXXXXZOR74O" as the Name and
"" as the Destination. See our detailed instructions on providing CNAMEs for various registrars. If yours isn't listed, or if you run into other difficulties, contact your registrar directly and they can help you out.

Ok, here i make it easy for you to refer. Both this CNAME must be there inside DNS setting. Click HERE on how to create CNAME records in the DNS setting. The first CNAME should be already in the DNS setting once you register your blogger domain with GoDaddy. Click HERE for this step. Should be no problem with the 1st CNAME. The problem here is the 2nd CNAME (verification code).

Name/Label/Host                           Destination/Target/Points to

Name/Label/Host                           Destination/Target/Points to

As i mention before, this 2nd CNAME must be located in the DNS Setting-CNAME(Alias) box. If you copy and paste this (2nd CNAME) code into the DNS Setting-CNAME(Alias), I am very sure you will get this error message "Your zone file can't be saved until all errors are fixed." when you are trying to save this setting as picture below.

This picture is for example only

 Without this 2nd CNAME in the DNS Setting-CNAME(Alias) box, you will get this error message in the blogger setting"We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 32" as picture below.

This picture is for example only

Solution for this is, refer to the Destination/target/points to of the 2nd CNAME. The codes given by blogger is

Now what you should do is changed the "gv" into "GV", and remove "." just after "com" (refer to in red highlighted in red above).After you edit this, it should be like this"

Now, you can save this setting and make sure this code is there in the CNAME(Alias) box after you save it. If not there, try and try again. Usually they will ask you to wait 1-48hours before you can update your blogger setting with your new domain. But as for me, I can update my blogger setting with my new domain just after I save the DNS setting. My subdomain blog directed to on-the-spot!! 

Just because of "gv" and "." i am wasting 10 days of 365days of my new domain validity..

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    *cyber hugs*You dont know how much this problem consumed me and made me frustrated against my Domain providers for days..

    You are an angel and I thank you from the bottom of my heart..

  2. Once you save GV will became gv, doesnt work for me

  3. OMGGGGGG after 2 MONTHS of trying to figure this out and watching Youtube videos and trying at the first 5 sites on Google search on this matter I gave up! Go Daddy could not help me. I finally decided today, Christmas Day that I would try my luck again! IT WORKED! You are such an angel! What a Christmas gift this is to me!

    Thank you for such a thorough explanation!

    Merry Christmas to YOU!!!! I pray that you are blessed in some way to go out of your way to help so many of us with this!

    1. Glad to hear that..congrats. you're right. GoDaddy could not help about this. Thank you & happy new year..

  4. Thank you for sharing your solution to this frustrating problem. No one wants to have that happen with their blog but when it does, it's really nice to be able to find something that actually works.

  5. jesus h christ ,
    blogger gives you a dns file to upload into your DNs , which we do and it still just shows errors ,

  6. Pretty blog, so many ideas in a single site, thanks for the informative article, keep updating more article.


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