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Automated Enforcement System (AES) Camera Location

What is AES?  AES is an Automated Enforcement System that detect and record (picture and video) traffic offence automatically by using camera located at the roadside. Currently AES used to detect and record traffic offence that violates the speed limit and traffic light. So far, 14 of 831 Automated Enforcement System (AES) cameras has been deployed in several location (Refer below) in West Malaysia starting on September 2012.  


1.  KM375.9 PLUS Expressway – Slim River (North)  Route: E0001 110km/j  Coordinates: 3.841833, 101.409972
2.  KM 7, Jalan Maharajalela, Teluk Intan  Route:F0058  Speed Limit:90km/j Coordinates:3.974470, 100.988000
3.  KM91, Jalan Ipoh - Butterworth  Route:F0001   Speed Limit:60km/j Coordinates:4.781450, 100.735000
4.  KM26, Jalan Ipoh – Kuala Kangsar  Route:F0001 Sungai Siput Traffic Lights    Coordinates:4.816800, 101.078000
5.  KM85.5, Jalan Ipoh – Kuala Lumpur  Route:F0001 Speed Limit:90km/j  Coordinates:3.962222, 101.328806
6.  KM204.6, PLUS Expressway –Taiping (North)  Route:E0001  Speed Limit:110km/j Coordinates: 4.905135, 100.668056
7.  Jalan Pasir Putih, Ipoh  Route:A0184 Ipoh Traffic Lights   Coordinates:4.581670, 101.082000
8.  Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur  Route:Z0089 Jalan Duta Traffic Lights   Coordinates:3.085617, 101.673319
9.  Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur  Route:Z0060 Jalan Duta Traffic Lights   Coordinates:3.177263, 101.686826
10.  KM6.6, Jalan Kajang / Puchong (SKVE)  Route:B0011  Speed Limit:80km/j    Coordinates:2.973360, 101.677880
11.  KM301.6,PLUS Expressway-Kajang(North)  Route: E0001 Speed Limit:90km/j 2.975650, 101.742580
12.  Jalan Lebuh Sentosa, Putrajaya   Route:Z0022  Speed Limit:70km/j   Coordinates:2.945491, 101.683817
13.  Jalan Persiaran Timur, Putrajaya   Route:Z0002  Speed Limit:80km/j   Coordinates:2.943130, 101.713940
14.  KM D7.7 Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur   Route:E0002  Speed Limit:80km/j    Coordinates:3.050850, 101.705060

As for East Malaysia, I don't think AES will be here in this year or early next year. But Road Transport Department (JPJ) in their website has announced the AES camera location for Sarawak. Here it is.


1.  Bt. 17, Jalan Kuching/Serian. Kuching
2.  Jalan Airport Kuching Traffic Light Kuching
3.  Batu 10 Jln Kuching Serian. Kuching
4.  Jalan Rock, Kuching
5.  Jalan Tun Sallahudin Traffic Light. Kuching
6. Batu Tiga Baazar Traffic Light. Kuching
7.  Bridge No.2 Jalan Bintulu/Tatau Bintulu
8.  Jalan Batu Kawa Kuching
9. Jalan Mendu Traffic Light Kuching
10.  Tanjung Kidurung Traffic Light Bintulu

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SPEED LIMIT OFFENCE (Sarawak)            

1.  Lutong/Pujut/Miri Miri     Speed Limit: 90km/j
2.  Batu 9, Jalan Kuching / Serian Kuching      Speed Limit: 90km/j
3.  Jalan Batu Kawa,Kuching           Speed Limit: 90km/j
4.  Km 422 Betong - Sarikei - Meradong Sarikei       Speed Limit: 90km/j
5.  Km 20 Jln Sri Aman/Sarikei         Speed Limit: 60km/j
6.  Jln Bau - Lundu Lundu            Speed Limit: 90km/j
7.  Jln Miri/Pujut/Lutong Miri        Speed Limit: 90km/j
8.  Jalan Salim/Stabau Sibu           Speed Limit: 90km/j
9.  Jalan Sibu/Bintulu (Rumah Ambang) Mukah            Speed Limit: 90km/j
10.  Km 421 Betong - Sarikei - Meradong Sarikei       Speed Limit: 90km/j
11.  Jalan Datuk Tawi Sli,Kuching,S`Wak Kuchin        Speed Limit: 90km/j
12.  Batu 8, Jalan Kuching/Serian Kuching       Speed Limit: 80km/j
13.  Km 63 Jln Sri Aman/Sarikei Sri Aman       Speed Limit: 90km/j
14.  Jalan Pedada Sibu              Speed Limit: 60km/j
15.  Jln Kuala Baram/Lutong Miri          Speed Limit: 90km/j
16.  Batu 16 Jalan Kuching/Serian. Kuching        Speed Limit: 90km/j
17.  Jalan Paradom,Sibu Sibu         Speed Limit: 50km/j
18.  Jalan Sibu/Bintulu (Rumah Along) Mukah           Speed Limit: 90km/j

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For detail information about Automated Enforcement System (AES) visit Road Transport Deparment website 


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