Tuesday, 18 September 2012

DIY: "Smoked" Look Headlamp

This entry will shows you on how to make your headlamp more stylish and elegance. What you need are two  flat screw drivers, hair dryer, masking tape, old newspaper, and black spray. You save a lot of money rather than buying a new smoked headlamp for your car. Got shop provide this service (custom made smoked headlamp) chargers around RM70-90. Actually they are doing the same process as below. So why don't you do it yourself, and maybe you can earn an extra pocket money.

First, you must take out the headlamp. As for Perodua Kancil users, you need to take out the front bumper as well, because there are two screws under the headlamp. To take out the bumper, removed four screws next to the radiator (on top of the bumper), one screw behind the both side of signal lamp, one screw behind plate number holder, and one screw located on both side of fender and bumper joint, next to the tire.

Use hair dryer to soften the headlamp glue/seal so that easy to detach headlamp cover. Do it gently to avoid the headlamp cover being cracked. At the same time, use flat screw to detach the headlamp cover as shown in the picture above.

After cover removed

Cover the surface that we do not want to spray by using masking tape and newspaper.

Spraying in progress

Done with spraying work

Again, by using hair dryer, soften again the glue/seal before you can reattach the headlamp cover. For a better sealant, apply extra silicon seal around the headlamp's cover joint. Picture above are my new look Perodua Kancil's headlamp.

After and before. Add-on; big and small feet..haha
Just try it..

Friday, 14 September 2012

DIY: Restore Yellowish & Hazy Headlamp

This entry will shows you on how to restore a yellowish and hazy Perodua Kancil's headlamp. I just used this product; WAXCO  CLEAR LIGHT-LENS RESTORER worth RM22.90 that can be found in the hypermarket departmental store or car accessories shop.

What you need to do is just follow the instructions of this product.  Package includes Step-1 for waxing, Step-2 for UV protection, wiping cloth, sponge, tissue and WAXCO sticker. First of all, you need to cover around the headlamp to avoid this product touching the bumper's colour. As for me, I have to take out the headlamp because I want to make "smoked" look headlamp. Read about this in the next entry (CLICK HERE). I use a 1000 and 1500 sand paper to remove the previous stubborn headlamp tinted. As for your yellowish headlamp, no need to use sandpaper.
Headlamp cover after rubbed with sand paper (optional)
Use Step-1 first, followed with step 2
Differences before and after using Step 1



After and Before

Result: Brighter Headlamp

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