Monday, 27 August 2012

DIY: Test Light

Worthless, but very useful for DIY enthusiasts especially in wiring. This is my custom made Test Light. 
I use 12-volt bulb, wire and safety pin; easy for me to poked into wrapped wire without cutting or spoilt the wire wraps. 

The function of Test Light is to find the suspected wire. For example, to find ACC/ON wire, tap the terminal A to the metal vehicle body/part (-ve), and terminal B (safety pin) poked into the suspected wire. If the test light's bulb lights ON when you turn the ignition key to ACC/ON position, that it is. You also can use multimeter for this job.
My handmade test light

This is an aftermarket test light 


  1. bro...i got problem where-by M-oil spilt out from spark plug port...i already change the gasket out & Inside but the m-oil still split out and this coz my car engine not runing smooth n stable...need an advice from bro

    1. M-oil from spark plug port bro? try tighten the sparkplug. M-oil supposed not goes to the spark plug. If the exhaust got a lot of white smoke, maybe the engine head cracked. Better clean up the area (oil leak) first, and wait for 1/2days check back where the actual source of the leak.

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  5. Hello Kent,
    Test light is a good trick. Short home made trick this one. Very interesting idea this one. Thank you for your nice sharing.

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  11. Can I use this method to determine the positive and negative of the car light bulb wiring? I need to wire the reverse camera and need to determine the polarity of the reverse light. I plan to connect the wire to the car body (as a ground) and connect the tip to each of two wires of the reverse light. I assume if it lights up, it means the wire is positive and if not, it is negative? Thanks


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