Thursday, 17 May 2012

DIY: Perodua Kancil Lower arm change

Hi, here is step-by-step on how to change Perodua Kancil's Lower Arm

Tool needed
1. wrench no 14, and 17
2. Jack and wheel lug nut spannar
3. New Lower Arm
4. Hammer

As usual, to get into suspensions part, tire must be removed. Make sure you put something to support the jack just in case something bad happen.  Seven screws need to remove in order to take out the lower arm. Three screw in this picture below, No.1 and No.2 use wrench no.17, while No.3 use wrench no.14.

After you remove all the three screws, remove four screws that lock the stabilizer bar. Refer picture below

Remove the stabilizer bar from the lower arm , you can start knock the lower arm downward to take it out from wheel hub. It should be easy..

Then install a new lower arm by applying soft knock upward to get it in the wheel hub. Watch out the slope before you can insert the bolt (No.1 on the first picture) and tighten it followed by bolt no.3 (on the first picture) . Then put back the stabilizer bar into its hole at the lower arm, don't forget the rubber bush. Tighten it all. Then screw back the screw that lock the stabilizer bar at the front. To make your work easy, put something under the stabilizer bar, and slowly lower the jack until the stabilizer bar sit on its position before you can screw the bolt back.

Now, raise up the jack back and put back the tire. Make sure all the bolt and nuts well tighten.. Drive to the nearest wheel allignment shop for wheel allignment. That all..

Gud luck guys..


  1. A good piece of information. I would like to do the same.

  2. Great info for those wanted DIY.
    Just sharing.. to get the price of Kancil lower arm, can visit

  3. Nice concise write up. I've done this on a Perodua Nippa, it was a better drive afterwards.

    Does anyone export parts to the uk? Thanks


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