Saturday, 7 April 2012

Driving Ethics

Believe it or not, practicing good driving ethics while on the road can give satisfaction or a simple mind therapy to us. For example, on a busy road, 100 meter ahead there was a car trying to exit/entering the junction. Driver seems hesitant to enter or exit the junction, the driver could be a women, senior citizen or fresh driver. Seeing the situation, try to give them a way in front of you by giving them a signal either by hand or the most commonly use by flashing headlamps 1-2 times. But before that, there are some thing you should take note for that.
  1. Do not make sudden stop.
  2. Make sure there is no fast-moving motorcycle beside you. They may not realize your good intention to give way to the car in front. This can cause that motorcycle lose control if the car that you give way is not aware about them.
  3. Do not flash the head light too long, as this may cause misunderstanding; that you warned him not to enter your path, or as if you told them to enter your path immediately (not sincere).
  4. Do not give way to more than 5 cars at one time. This may cause resentment or hostility toward the driver behind that maybe race against time.
  5. Most people will reply your kindness by raising-up hand or just give you a smile. But if the driver don't reply anything even a simple smile for you, spot it and next time when you find that car for a second time, never give them a way. This is how to teach people who are not practice culture of courteous in their life.
The feel of satisfaction or mind therapy only can you felt when the driver or passenger of the vehicle that you give way raised-up their hand and give you their smile as a token of thanks to you. Certainly the driver / passenger who witnessed the Good Samaritan like you will say "She/he is a very kind people, may God bless them." That was directed to you!!. How do I know? Now, reverse the situation. You are trying to enter or exit the junction during a peak hour. And somebody give you way. What do you think? If you feel nothing and do nothing even just a smile, then you are now can join the group of people that I stated in no.5 above.

One more situation that i always found when driving on a single carriage way, people increase their speed when somebody try to overtake them. I don't know what is the motive they do that. Why don't just let them overtake you. Maybe you drive to slow, or maybe he/she running out of time for something or an emergency. Both of you also can involve in accident if there was an incoming car. 

And the last one, when you see incoming car overtaking, give them way to re-enter their lane and if necessary slow down your vehicle. Remember, live only once, no spare for that.

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Always practice good ethics in daily driving, remember the loves one, they  are waiting for us. Enjoy your ride everyday safely and smile..


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