Saturday, 31 March 2012

Safety Precaution & How To Replace Punctured Tire

This is what you should do when your car's tires punctured while on the road.
  • Turn on hazard light as soon as possible
  • Drive slowly to the save place; avoid jacking up your vehicle in/on the yellow or white line (road boarder). If possible 1 meter or 5 feet outside road boarder line. A lot of cases where the victim was hit while changing their tire at the roadside.
  • Do not park your vehicle after and before the corner or sharp bend. Find place where the other motorist can spot you from far as they can.
  • Drop the emergency triangle reflector 30-40meter away ahead from your vehicle. Remember to put it just next (inside) to the road border line, not at the middle of the road.
  • Take out all the equipment to change the tire as well as spare tire.
  • Before start lifting the vehicle, make sure the ground surface are flat and tough enough to support the heavy weight
  • Loosen the lug nut by applying proper loosing/tightening sequence (refer picture below), but not too much, enough to make it loose. If you cannot loose the lug nut by hand, try using your weight by steping onto the spannar and bounce on it slowly while both your hand holding something to stabilize your body. And then start lifting the vehicle. Please make sure handbrake has been engaged.
  • Lift the car until the tire hanging from the ground. Before removing the tire, place the spare tire under the car as a precaution in case the jack fails to function properly especially hydraulic-type jack.
  • When the punctured tire removed from the wheel hub, replace it with the spare tire immediately.
  • Screw back the lug nut by hand first until the tire cannot be shake anymore before lowering the vehicle. Then remove the jack and start applying force to the lug nut by using proper lug nut tightening/loosing sequence.
  • Keep back all the equipment to its place. Remember to take back the emergency triangle reflector and turn off the hazard light before applying signal light for entering the road.
Thats all. Have a save journey..

Saturday, 24 March 2012

How to maximize fuel Efficiency

Fuel price hike year by year, motorists now should try to save fuel as much as possible. Here is some tips that can help you to save as much as 30 percent.

  • Keep speed in around 90km/h
  • Avoid jackrabbit start  and tailgating too close as start and stops and sudden brake will incerease fuel consumpation dramatically
  • Use autocruise control to maintain speed
  • Keep tires inflate properly as mention in the users manual
  • No need to heat up engine in the morning too long, enough for 30-45sec
  • If possibble, turn off engine while waiting for more than one minute.
  • Adjust air conditioner suit with you, not too cold especially at night
  • Keep windows roll up as your car will be more heavier when wind get into cabin.
  • Remove unnecessary thing in your car trunk
  • Minimize your drive if possibe;for example to buy stuff at the shop that can be easily reach by foot or biycle. By this way also you can exercise indirectly.

Difference between All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and Four-Wheel Drive (4WD)

It sound like the same thing, that all the 4 wheel engaged. Technically it is the same where all the wheel was engaged during the move. But the thing that make this two different is the way of the four-wheel engaged.

All-Wheel drive vehicles engaged permanently all the four wheel drive all the time without option to rear wheel drive only (2WD). Four-Wheel drive vehicle has manually engaging temporary four-wheel or two-wheel drive. Mean here that the driver have an option either to use 4WD or 2WD they need depend on the terrain condition.

Usually 2WD will be used on highway while 4WD engaged when off-road or rough terrain, towing or on heavy load. For a better traction and handling especially on wet road, 4WD and AWD is the best compared to 2WD.

 Examples of AWD vehicles

Examples of 4WD vehicles

Friday, 16 March 2012

Funny: Freak Car

Bulldozer or a car?

lifting fail?

What is the size of the rims, 30inch? haha i have no idea..

Hummer with wooden wheel.. very rare hummer

Honda Civic Tractor. Can or not  B16 VTEC engine make this wheel spinning?

Tank Car

Shoe Car

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Funny: When Half-Cut On The Road..

Nothing turn to waste..

Toyota Camry in Half-bike version

Pitty this cow.. The driver was in the engine bay instead of in the cabin.

I assume this is also Toyota car,  KE70 if I not mistaken

Have no idea what car is this. It could be a tow truck.. or could be a drag car, who knows? only 5 guys in the picture knows. haha.

I really like this one, also Toyota.. COWrola


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