Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Tips: Driving in Rainy Days

Most of the accident usually happen during the rainy days. Sometimes the small thing or small mistakes may cause us to lost thousand of dollars and even lost of life. Here are some tips before and during driving in the rain or wet roads.

  • Check the tire tread, make sure in good condition.  Bald tire can cause we loose control of the vehicle especially during cornering or through the waterlogged road surface.
  • Change wiper blade if the wiper cannot wipes water at the windscreen neatly. 
  • Check the windscreen wiper sprayer water tank. Very important to help the wiper wipes the windscreen especially when tailgating other car while the rain stop but the road still wet.
  • Also recommended to apply a liquid that allows water to flow smoothly through the car windscreen such as "Rain Act" that makes clear vision during bad weather. 
  • Never tailgating the car in front too close. Keep a safe distance for braking in event of an emergency. Remember that braking (emergency brake) on the wet road need extra distance to stop compared to dry road.
  • Switch ON small light if the rain is not heavy but the weather is getting dark. Turn the head lamp on if the rain getting heavy to tell the incoming car about your appearance. There is a case that the driver assume that there was no car from the incoming side during heavy rain and visibility turn almost 50%, but when he overtake, Suddenly there was a car appear in front of him without switch on the head lamp. Both of the car badly wreck.
  • Morale of the store above, never overtake unless you are very sure it is save to overtake.
  • Be careful when driving through the waterlogged road, there maybe a potholes. If can, avoid it.
  • Be careful when approaching the frequently floods area.
  • Pay full attention to your driving, if can, avoid using your cellphone and changing CD's for music.
  • Switch your wiper speed according to the rain condition for more visibility. The more faster your wiper move, mean that there is a need to slow down your vehicle.

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