Wednesday, 12 December 2012

DIY: Engine Oil Servicing / General Servicing

I come back with DIY project for this December. Now I want to show you on how you can save labour cost on changing engine oil. Just buy engine oil and oil filter, than do it yourself.

Tool needed:
1. Car jack
2. Oil filter wrench or Long Screw driver and hammer
3. Wrench size 14
4. Funnel
5. Container for used engine oil
6. Teflon

First, lift up the car at the front side. Make sure you have secondary lifting such as jack stand; or put something below the car just in case the jack failed to function properly. Never work underneath the car if you don't have this (lifting backup), remember not everything is perfect. Safety must come first!

Then find draining screw. For Perodua Kancil, yellow arrow below is draining screw. Use wrench size 14 to open it. But before that, standby with container for drained engine oil. Once the used oil flowed to the container, open the engine oil cap located on top of the engine head and let the engine oil fully drained.

Now you can remove engine oil filter. If you have an oil filter wrench, it should be easy. But if don't have that, you can use my own creativity to remove it, by using screw driver and hammer. look picture below.

Now I can turn it counter clockwise to loosen it.  Sometimes, when engine is cold you can turn it by hand only. After that, clean that area.

Rub oil seal with engine oil before you install it.

Tighten an oil filter by your hand until you can't turn it. Never use wrench to tighten it.

Using Teflon, wrap 3/4 rounds of the draining nut like picture above to prevent oil leaks. Then put  it back to its origin. Do not over tighten.
I am using PENNZOIL 10w-30 (3 Litre) Engine Oil and Japan made oil filter. Price: Engine Oil RM50.00, and Oil Filter RM8.00. Buy it at spare-part shop to get this price. If you buy it from workshop/wheel allignment/servicing center, the price will be around RM58-60. PENNZOIL should pay me commission for promoting their product.

Pour engine oil into the engine head by using funnel. As you can see here, I don't have funnel, so I use my creativity  by using  1.5 litre Coca-cola bottle's mouth. Left engine oil about 2 inches in the bottle. Check for any leaks especially at the draining screw and oil filter.
Take out an oil dipstick. With a paper towel or rag, wipe off the end of the dipstick and notice the markings on it (You will usually see a mark for "FULL" and another mark for "ADD". Start engine for 2-3 minutes and then turn it off. Let it for 5 minutes, then check back the dipstick, top up (if necessary) until oil level reached maximum level or yellow line above. Remember to note down the current mileage for the next servicing as below.

LAST SERVICE : 135000 km (current mileage)
DATE : 12.12.2012 (today/current date)

NEXT SERVICE : 140000 km (add 5000km)
DATE : 12.03.2013 (for the next 3 month from last service)

**Service your car every 5000km, or 3 month which one come first.. Check your car servicing manual.

Before you leave, check air filter (if clogged, change with a new one), battery acid level, wiper water level, radiator reserve tank coolant level, brake and clutch fluid. If necessary, change the spark plug also for superb performance (if you got tool for that).

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Automated Enforcement System (AES) Camera Location

What is AES?  AES is an Automated Enforcement System that detect and record (picture and video) traffic offence automatically by using camera located at the roadside. Currently AES used to detect and record traffic offence that violates the speed limit and traffic light. So far, 14 of 831 Automated Enforcement System (AES) cameras has been deployed in several location (Refer below) in West Malaysia starting on September 2012.  


1.  KM375.9 PLUS Expressway – Slim River (North)  Route: E0001 110km/j  Coordinates: 3.841833, 101.409972
2.  KM 7, Jalan Maharajalela, Teluk Intan  Route:F0058  Speed Limit:90km/j Coordinates:3.974470, 100.988000
3.  KM91, Jalan Ipoh - Butterworth  Route:F0001   Speed Limit:60km/j Coordinates:4.781450, 100.735000
4.  KM26, Jalan Ipoh – Kuala Kangsar  Route:F0001 Sungai Siput Traffic Lights    Coordinates:4.816800, 101.078000
5.  KM85.5, Jalan Ipoh – Kuala Lumpur  Route:F0001 Speed Limit:90km/j  Coordinates:3.962222, 101.328806
6.  KM204.6, PLUS Expressway –Taiping (North)  Route:E0001  Speed Limit:110km/j Coordinates: 4.905135, 100.668056
7.  Jalan Pasir Putih, Ipoh  Route:A0184 Ipoh Traffic Lights   Coordinates:4.581670, 101.082000
8.  Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur  Route:Z0089 Jalan Duta Traffic Lights   Coordinates:3.085617, 101.673319
9.  Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur  Route:Z0060 Jalan Duta Traffic Lights   Coordinates:3.177263, 101.686826
10.  KM6.6, Jalan Kajang / Puchong (SKVE)  Route:B0011  Speed Limit:80km/j    Coordinates:2.973360, 101.677880
11.  KM301.6,PLUS Expressway-Kajang(North)  Route: E0001 Speed Limit:90km/j 2.975650, 101.742580
12.  Jalan Lebuh Sentosa, Putrajaya   Route:Z0022  Speed Limit:70km/j   Coordinates:2.945491, 101.683817
13.  Jalan Persiaran Timur, Putrajaya   Route:Z0002  Speed Limit:80km/j   Coordinates:2.943130, 101.713940
14.  KM D7.7 Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur   Route:E0002  Speed Limit:80km/j    Coordinates:3.050850, 101.705060

As for East Malaysia, I don't think AES will be here in this year or early next year. But Road Transport Department (JPJ) in their website has announced the AES camera location for Sarawak. Here it is.


1.  Bt. 17, Jalan Kuching/Serian. Kuching
2.  Jalan Airport Kuching Traffic Light Kuching
3.  Batu 10 Jln Kuching Serian. Kuching
4.  Jalan Rock, Kuching
5.  Jalan Tun Sallahudin Traffic Light. Kuching
6. Batu Tiga Baazar Traffic Light. Kuching
7.  Bridge No.2 Jalan Bintulu/Tatau Bintulu
8.  Jalan Batu Kawa Kuching
9. Jalan Mendu Traffic Light Kuching
10.  Tanjung Kidurung Traffic Light Bintulu

For Perlis, Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Perak, Kelantan, Sabah, labuan CLICK HERE
For Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, Pahang, Terengganu CLICK HERE

SPEED LIMIT OFFENCE (Sarawak)            

1.  Lutong/Pujut/Miri Miri     Speed Limit: 90km/j
2.  Batu 9, Jalan Kuching / Serian Kuching      Speed Limit: 90km/j
3.  Jalan Batu Kawa,Kuching           Speed Limit: 90km/j
4.  Km 422 Betong - Sarikei - Meradong Sarikei       Speed Limit: 90km/j
5.  Km 20 Jln Sri Aman/Sarikei         Speed Limit: 60km/j
6.  Jln Bau - Lundu Lundu            Speed Limit: 90km/j
7.  Jln Miri/Pujut/Lutong Miri        Speed Limit: 90km/j
8.  Jalan Salim/Stabau Sibu           Speed Limit: 90km/j
9.  Jalan Sibu/Bintulu (Rumah Ambang) Mukah            Speed Limit: 90km/j
10.  Km 421 Betong - Sarikei - Meradong Sarikei       Speed Limit: 90km/j
11.  Jalan Datuk Tawi Sli,Kuching,S`Wak Kuchin        Speed Limit: 90km/j
12.  Batu 8, Jalan Kuching/Serian Kuching       Speed Limit: 80km/j
13.  Km 63 Jln Sri Aman/Sarikei Sri Aman       Speed Limit: 90km/j
14.  Jalan Pedada Sibu              Speed Limit: 60km/j
15.  Jln Kuala Baram/Lutong Miri          Speed Limit: 90km/j
16.  Batu 16 Jalan Kuching/Serian. Kuching        Speed Limit: 90km/j
17.  Jalan Paradom,Sibu Sibu         Speed Limit: 50km/j
18.  Jalan Sibu/Bintulu (Rumah Along) Mukah           Speed Limit: 90km/j

For Perlis, Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Perak, Kelantan, Sabah, labuan CLICK HERE
For Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, Pahang, Terengganu CLICK HERE

For detail information about Automated Enforcement System (AES) visit Road Transport Deparment website 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

VERY RARE: World War II German Military Motorcycles

I met this guy and his WWII German military motorcycles while he making immigration and custom clearance at Immigration, Custom, Quarantine and Safety Complex (ICQS) Sungai Tujoh, Miri Sarawak. Very rare to see on the road. For your information, he travel around the world with this motorcycle. Next destination is Brunei and then to Sabah. Good luck and cheers for him.

I am not very sure what model it is, forgot to ask him

I don't think it is the same. But look-a-like. This is one of the German military motorcycle 

Long Distance Driving Tips

Here I would like to share with you some very important tips to make sure the smoothness of your journey, based on my own experience driving on long distance.

What you should change?
  • Engine oil, oil filter, air filter (if clogged), fuel filter, sparkplug,  water pump and timing belt (if it nearly reached the running mileage), wiper blade if necessary.
What you should check
  • Battery acid level, Radiator reserve tank and wiper tank water level
  • Power steering, Clutch and brake fluid level
  • Any leak at the engine bay, and brake fluid at the wheel hub
  • Brake pad (front wheel), brake shoe (rear wheel), brake piston bushing
  • Tire alignment, balancing and thread tickness
  • Tire and spare tire inflated properly, lug nut spannar, triangle reflector and car jack
  • For old vehicles; check the alternator output voltage, radiator water hose, water hose T-connector (if using PVC type), wheel bearing
  • Spare fuse
  • Wiper blade
  • electronic devices such as headlamp, rain light (small light), brake light, turn signal and hazard light.

What you should bring along
  • Tool box
  • Water (in bottle or gallon)
  • Spare headlamp bulp and other bulp
  • Towing rob
  • Handpump/compact air compressor
  • Torch light
  • Something that can be used to defend yourself if something bad happen and never misused it. Keep it where you can reach it on the spot such as next to your car's door step (steering lock, medium size wooden/rattan stick) but do not bring machetes/samurai sword. Your vacation could be ended in jail.
Rattan stick-for self defend. can be found  at Night market for RM10-15  each

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

DIY: Replace Kancil's Seat with Daihatsu Mira's Seat

As we all knows (Kancil users), the seat sponge for Perodua Kancil is a little bit hard and not very comfortable. Because of that, I decided to change my stock seat to a used seat taken out from Daihatsu Mira model, imported from Japan; a lot of variation to choose from L2, L5 series, mostly come with soft sponge. You can found it at the used auto-parts shop (halfcut shop) with price range from RM450 - RM700 depends on the type and conditions of the seat. I choose L200s Gold Traxx seat. It is a semi-bucket seat, and got soft sponge that suit everyone driving needs.

Semi bucket Daihatsu Mira Traxx seat
Two-seater rear seat, divided with soft bump at the middle.
So here i want to share with you on how to install it by yourself, in other word Do-It-Yourself (DIY). Actually it is very easy to do this, just plug and play. Tools needed only ring wrench size 12 and 10.

We start from removing process, I suggest you remove rear seat first so that more space for you to remove front seat. For rear seat, there were two screws located at the rear leg room, and another two screws located behind the seat. You can easily find it by folding the rear sit. Refer to the picture below, I marked it in red. For the front seat, just removed 4 screws for each seat. two at the front and another two at the back of the seat. All together 12 screws removed using ring wrench size 12.

Really comfortable with this seat

Then, installation part of the Mira's seat. All the screws position are the same with stock seat. But for my Mira seat, It was taken out from 2-door Daihatsu Mira L200s where the rear seat is unfoldable type. So I have to remove the rear seat folding's lock on both side by using ring wrench size 10. Picture above are my Mira's seat.

Rear seat folding lock
For your information, Daihatsu Mira L500 (google it for picture) rear seat a little bit small compared to Perodua Kancil's seat. So before you install it, you need to send it to the sofa repair shop to extend the sponge length about 2 inches on the left and right. Then it can be fitted nicely in your car. For the front seat, just plug and play. This is used item, make sure to wash it first.

That's all and feels the different.

------------ENJOY SMALL--------------

Folding Bicycle

Hi, I just want to share with you my bicycle, a folding bicycle actually. Because i don't have a big car to bring mountain bike anywhere, so i decide to buy this bicycle. It can be folded and put at the rear seat of my Perodua Kancil and take evening cycling at the Miri beach. I was not very sure where it was made, but I don't mind about that. As long as I enjoy riding it, that is enough. So these are the pictures.

You can adjust the seat and handle as high as you want, until your feet hanging.

Folded into two. It takes less than one minutes to fold it like this

Shimano's shifter with 6-speed gear

Front and rear shock absober

Cycling is good for your health. But, safety must come first. Equipped your bicycle with basic safety features such as front and rear light, helmet, long pant and shoes. Because this is a folding bike not a mountain bike, knee and elbow pad i think is not necessary as folding bike not suitable for rough terrain. But stil you can use it as accidents can happen anywhere.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

General Information & Tips

Check Engine Oil
For a smooth ride, change your engine oil regularly. Normally engine oil should be changed after 5000kms or three month; which one comes first. This will prevent engine damage due to low oil pressure/levels and debris running throught the system. It also helps the engine maintain a low fuel consumpation.

Check Tyres
Check you tires with a professional if the tires are still safe for use. Make sure it inflated properly and in good condition. Low tread tire can cause you loose control of the vehicle during cornering and braking especially in wet road. Get it rotated regulaly to make sure it wear evenly and can be use last longer.

Check Brakes
Check the brake when you notice a lack of firmness and if you have to push the brake pedal to the floor. The brake liquid levels may be low because of the leaking, or the brake pads are getting thin. Replace or just resurface the disc rotor if the steering wheel shaking or vibrates.

Check Radiator coolant
Radiator coolant is a liquid to absorb the heat from engine block and transferred to the radiator aluminium fin before it cooled by the radiator fan or incoming air. Lack of coolant in the radiator or cooling system will cause engine to overheat. Always check the coolant level  in the resevoir tank is between minimum and maximum levels before a long journey. Do not attempt to open the radiator's cap when engine is hot. Let the engine cool before refill the coolant.

Check Signal Light
Most of us will not realized when one of our car's signal light burn. Actually there is a tip here on how you can detect when car's signal light burn while you are driving. Take a look at the turn signal indicator in the dashboard. In normal situation, when you turn the switch to the left/right, the turn signal indicator will blink once in a second followed with relay sound (tik-tik-tik-tik). But if the turn indicator indicator blink faster than normal, for example twice or triple in a second, that's mean one of the turn signal bulb is not working.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Blogger CNAME Error: "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 32"

After 10days buying my new domain name for my blogger blog through, finally on 01.11.2012 my blog successfully directed to WWW.LOWISSLOW.COM. In that period, an error occur when trying to use my new domain name to my blogger blog. I send emails to support center asking for help, but none of the emails could solve my problem on error message "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 32" in the blogger setting.

The problem is actually about the verification code given by blogger as a 2nd CNAME to be put in the DNS Setting to verify the ownership of the domain name. The error message above occur because the 2nd CNAME given by blogger cannot be saved in the GoDaddy DNS setting just because of one very small matter. Lets see what happen below.

When I trying to register my new domain name with blogger in the SETTING-PUBLISHING-ADD A CUSTOM DOMAIN-INSTRUCTION SETTING, click on the radio button "on top-level domain" , then you will directed into one page that contain your blog's 1st and 2nd CNAME. The instruction should be as below. Bring your attentions to the yellow text that is the 2nd CNAME.

Add two CNAME records. For the first CNAME, where it says Name, Label or Host enter "www" and where it says Destination, Target or Points To enter "" . For the second CNAME, enter "THXXXXZOR74O" as the Name and
"" as the Destination. See our detailed instructions on providing CNAMEs for various registrars. If yours isn't listed, or if you run into other difficulties, contact your registrar directly and they can help you out.

Ok, here i make it easy for you to refer. Both this CNAME must be there inside DNS setting. Click HERE on how to create CNAME records in the DNS setting. The first CNAME should be already in the DNS setting once you register your blogger domain with GoDaddy. Click HERE for this step. Should be no problem with the 1st CNAME. The problem here is the 2nd CNAME (verification code).

Name/Label/Host                           Destination/Target/Points to

Name/Label/Host                           Destination/Target/Points to

As i mention before, this 2nd CNAME must be located in the DNS Setting-CNAME(Alias) box. If you copy and paste this (2nd CNAME) code into the DNS Setting-CNAME(Alias), I am very sure you will get this error message "Your zone file can't be saved until all errors are fixed." when you are trying to save this setting as picture below.

This picture is for example only

 Without this 2nd CNAME in the DNS Setting-CNAME(Alias) box, you will get this error message in the blogger setting"We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 32" as picture below.

This picture is for example only

Solution for this is, refer to the Destination/target/points to of the 2nd CNAME. The codes given by blogger is

Now what you should do is changed the "gv" into "GV", and remove "." just after "com" (refer to in red highlighted in red above).After you edit this, it should be like this"

Now, you can save this setting and make sure this code is there in the CNAME(Alias) box after you save it. If not there, try and try again. Usually they will ask you to wait 1-48hours before you can update your blogger setting with your new domain. But as for me, I can update my blogger setting with my new domain just after I save the DNS setting. My subdomain blog directed to on-the-spot!! 

Just because of "gv" and "." i am wasting 10 days of 365days of my new domain validity..

For those who want to buy domain name for your blogger blog, i suggest you buy it from Or  just click the promotion banner below. Before this promotion, I buy this domain name for only RM32.++.. So get yours today for your blog and say GOODBYE TO BLOGSPOT.COM

Tell Your story. Share Your Strength. $2.95 .COM from

Monday, 1 October 2012

Onboard an Oil Tanker Vessel

Opening entry for October is about Oil Tanker vessel. I just want to share with you some of hundred pictures taken while doing my job as a law enforcement at the sea. This pictures taken somewhere at the Miri offshore. Many of us don't have opportunity to get as close (to oil tanker vessel) as what i am. So take a look this..

Oops.. this is not oil tanker, this is a log ship MV. FODAS PESCADORES

Yes, this is a real oil tanker, MT. TAIYOH III

Oil Tanker MT. UMLMA, from Doha

Preparing for boarding to MT. TAIYOH III

Deck view from Captain's Cabin

Various types of oil pipes

Behind me is not a picture ok, it is a real view from cabin's window.

Oil Buoy (Left), station for transfering/loading oil into tanker, MT. BUNGA KELANA SATU. It was very hard and dangerous to get into the vessel during rough seas like this.
Extra big hose floating, used to transfering oil into the tanker.

Rest/living room on the oil tanker vessel. Got leather sofa, karaoke set with 42inch LCD screen and massage chair!

Drinks & food served onboard, just pickup which one you want.. Food will be served depends on the origin of the vessel. for example, if vessel from India, we will eat indian food; curry is mandatory . If vessel from Japan, we will eat japanese food. Some of the vessel also cook sea food. But sometimes if the foods offered to use was very freak or foreigh to us, so enough with juice and fruits. For muslims, very hard to find halal food on the foreign vessel unless you board into local (Malaysian) vessel such as MT. Bunga Kelana then you can eat fried mee and nasi lemak.

Lift ladder + Pilot Ladder.

MT. DESH PREM from India.


It was a greatest experience for me..

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

DIY: "Smoked" Look Headlamp

This entry will shows you on how to make your headlamp more stylish and elegance. What you need are two  flat screw drivers, hair dryer, masking tape, old newspaper, and black spray. You save a lot of money rather than buying a new smoked headlamp for your car. Got shop provide this service (custom made smoked headlamp) chargers around RM70-90. Actually they are doing the same process as below. So why don't you do it yourself, and maybe you can earn an extra pocket money.

First, you must take out the headlamp. As for Perodua Kancil users, you need to take out the front bumper as well, because there are two screws under the headlamp. To take out the bumper, removed four screws next to the radiator (on top of the bumper), one screw behind the both side of signal lamp, one screw behind plate number holder, and one screw located on both side of fender and bumper joint, next to the tire.

Use hair dryer to soften the headlamp glue/seal so that easy to detach headlamp cover. Do it gently to avoid the headlamp cover being cracked. At the same time, use flat screw to detach the headlamp cover as shown in the picture above.

After cover removed

Cover the surface that we do not want to spray by using masking tape and newspaper.

Spraying in progress

Done with spraying work

Again, by using hair dryer, soften again the glue/seal before you can reattach the headlamp cover. For a better sealant, apply extra silicon seal around the headlamp's cover joint. Picture above are my new look Perodua Kancil's headlamp.

After and before. Add-on; big and small feet..haha
Just try it..

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