Friday, 28 October 2011

Wheel Hub Center Ring/Cone

Your car vibrating after changed to a new rims? tire and rims definitely was not balanced off? Usually workshop personnel knows what to do if customers change to new tires and rims, of course they will be rotated (balancing process). If your car still vibrates even though the tires and rims rotated, check your new rims if there got any space in the middle, I mean in between the hub and the rim. Means that the wheel hub did not fit with the new rims / fully seated on the wheel hub. If this happens, I am sure your vehicle will vibrates at speed range of 90km/h and above.

This problem can be solved  by using "Wheel Hub Center Ring" or better known as the Center cone. Center cone is available in various sizes for fit with. Picture below is an example of Center cone could be found in the market.

Center Ring Cone
Center Cone fitted to the rim
 When the Center Cone installed on your new rims, meaning that there is no more space for the rim to move that causing vibrations. The function of the Center Cone is to fill up the empty space  between rim and wheel hub . The four lug nuts that lock the rim is not sufficient to prevent the rim from shaking when spinning in a high speed . I had been using this on my 14inch rim, and the results was very satisfactory, no more annoying vibration when driving in high speed

Center cone price starts from (Ringgit Malaysia) RM25-RM75 (US$90 - US$270) a piece depending on size and quality. usually only the front rim will be fitted with this, but personally  encouraged to fit it to the rear rims too. Hopefully this post will help to solve the vibration to the car while driving

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