Friday, 28 October 2011

DIY Engine Cooling System Flush

Many of us do not care about the cleanliness of our engine cooling system. This engine cooling system which consisted of the radiator, water pump, hoses, coolant liquid and also thermostat. If the cooling system is not cleaned or d service, it will cause the dirt settles in the water tank or radiator and the rust will be stick to the radiator and horse’s wall. When rust is more and more, it will clog the water flow, when water is not smooth because of the clogging, it will turn your engine into boiler or in other mean overheating. Generally, overheating will cause thousands of dollars in repairing costs.. In fact, not difficult to clean the cooling system of our car and it can be done by yourself. It is very important to monitor the water level in the radiator regularly and make sure it cleans.

1. To change the water in the radiator, open the "mouse ears" that are located at the bottom of the radiator and let the tank drain. Then put back the "mouse ears" to its position. Aims for removing rust deposit in the radiator. Don't forget to open the radiator main cap.

2. Then, loosen the nut of the thermostat housing, remove the thermostat and then screw the thermostat housing again without thermostat. Open the big hose from the thermostat housing to the radiator on the radiator side. At this time, put back the radiator cap to its position. (Remember to standby the seal gasket for the thermostat housing)

3. Pull the rubber hose from the pipe of your house and put the hose into the hole of the radiator, that should be connect the radiator hose from the thermostat housing just now. Let the pipe water circulate for a 3/4minit inside your car cooling system until the water clear. The pipe water should flow out from the hose that you just disconnect from the radiator.
4. After the clear water flows out, drain the water in the radiators again through a "mouse-ear screw" and rescrew it back after the radiator drained. Then it is time to wash thermostat from rust and dirt. After thermostat is clean, re-enter thermostat in place and connect the hose to the last detach. After all ensured correct and tight, put coolant into the radiator and a little in the radiator water storage tanks. Then add pipe water into the radiator until the radiator is full. It is recommended to use mineral water instead of pipe water.

5. Start the engine for a 2-3minit and add more water into the radiator until full and don't forget to add water into the radiator water storage tanks. Make sure there are no leaks at the joints and screws.

6. And now, your engine cooling system in a fresh mode. Just try it, and Good luck.


  1. Coolant is generally a mix of water and ethylene glycol. Many times called Anti-Freeze, coolant serves many purposes. As it's common name implies, coolant prevents freezing, but it also provides lubrication for the waterpump, increases boiling point of water, and keeps rust and scale from forming in your cooling system.

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