Monday, 31 October 2011

Another Proton Concept Car Will be On The Road Soon..

During the KL International Motor Show (KLIMS) last year (2010), Proton unveiled the three concept car, together with two show cars. All the concept and show car was given a name as Tuah, Lekir, Lekiu, Kasturi and Jebat, taken from the name of the Mallaccan Warrior long time ago.

Among the five, Tuah is Proton new four door sedan concept that strongly hint to be the Proton Persona Replacement model. This model (Tuah) look like more bigger than Toyota Vios and the size maybe similar to Mitsubihsi lancer 2.0GT.  Click here for Proton Persona

From the outside, we can see the LED day light located at the lower side of the headlamp, to be the first Proton model to use it. For the rear taillamp, both left and side combined together with modern long double line red light on it, twin exhaust tip, 18inch sport rim with 225/40R18 tyre, and an aerodynamic roofing slop.

For the powertrain, no information on it so far but some trusted source says that the engine will highly be the new Campro series. Maybe coming soon the 1.8L or 2.0L Campro we just wait patiently and hopefully this car will be on the road by next year (2012).

Lekir or Lotus Europa with a Proton badge

Next: Lekiu or Exora-based SUV concept that uses the Exora’s platform 
Click here for Proton Exora

Next: Kasturi or facelifted Saga     Click here for Proton Saga Facelift

Last: Jebat or Proton Inspira/Mitsubishi Lancer    Click here for Proton Inspira

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  1. Almost every household in Malaysia has had a story to tell with the Proton Saga .


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