Monday, 31 October 2011

Another Proton Concept Car Will be On The Road Soon..

During the KL International Motor Show (KLIMS) last year (2010), Proton unveiled the three concept car, together with two show cars. All the concept and show car was given a name as Tuah, Lekir, Lekiu, Kasturi and Jebat, taken from the name of the Mallaccan Warrior long time ago.

Among the five, Tuah is Proton new four door sedan concept that strongly hint to be the Proton Persona Replacement model. This model (Tuah) look like more bigger than Toyota Vios and the size maybe similar to Mitsubihsi lancer 2.0GT.  Click here for Proton Persona

From the outside, we can see the LED day light located at the lower side of the headlamp, to be the first Proton model to use it. For the rear taillamp, both left and side combined together with modern long double line red light on it, twin exhaust tip, 18inch sport rim with 225/40R18 tyre, and an aerodynamic roofing slop.

For the powertrain, no information on it so far but some trusted source says that the engine will highly be the new Campro series. Maybe coming soon the 1.8L or 2.0L Campro we just wait patiently and hopefully this car will be on the road by next year (2012).

Lekir or Lotus Europa with a Proton badge

Next: Lekiu or Exora-based SUV concept that uses the Exora’s platform 
Click here for Proton Exora

Next: Kasturi or facelifted Saga     Click here for Proton Saga Facelift

Last: Jebat or Proton Inspira/Mitsubishi Lancer    Click here for Proton Inspira

Proton MSX

At a glance, this car looks like Toyota caldina .. but believe me that this Proton MSX 3.0Litre V6 is owned by Proton base on Lotus APX. Olmost every year proton build a new model. This is a good move for Proton to maintain its reputation as a No. 1 National car maker. Back to topic, I'm not very sure where and when this car was showed, looks like a lot of Malaysian take a look. 

Naturally Aspirated 3.0 V6 engine, this engine manage to generate 224KW of power and 360Nm of torque.With a 0-100 time of 5.9, the best among the Porsche Cayenne S, BMW X6 3.5i, and Nissan Murano. The 250km/h top speed also beaten up three of the top SUV above.

I think this car should be on the road. And by this car, Proton can be more respected among the top world car maker. But maybe the production cost may cause proton to delay the production for open market. Also we don't know how much is the price of this car when it be at the Proton Showroom later, it may be start from RM140,000 - RM250,000. Of couse the market will be at the successful professionals with young-at-heart lifestyle such as businessman and corporate leaders.
But we as Malaysians should be proud of our car maker Proton that can produce this type of car eventhough it still in prototype or concept car. Hopefully this car will be on the road one day.

Very Impressive Izzit.. Go Proton Go..

Sunday, 30 October 2011


Since the launch of new Perodua family Myvi SE 1.5L and Myvi Extreme 1.5L last few months, it continued to have a very stimulating book among the Malaysians. Myvi Extreme 1.5 was launched together with Myvi Special Edition (SE), which also sharing the same 1500litre enginethe largest ever published in the Myvi family. Of course, the tagline "Lagi Best, Lagi Power" refers to this1.5litre engine that will promised you more energetic drive, especially when overtaking and climbing up the hill.

Myvi Extreme 1.5 has a same characteristics to Myvi SE, but Myvi Extreme has more exaggerated, especially on the bodykit parts such as front and rear bumper and spoiler which reveals Myvi Extreme looks more sporty. Very easy to differentiate between SE and Extreme. Extreme got the grey lower lip in front bumper but this sexy lips was not installed at the Myvi SE.
As noted above, both Myvi Extreme and SE is powered by 1.5litre twin-cam engine DVVT given code 3SZ-VE, that is the same engine that was used in the MPV Perodua Alza. The chain driven engine puts out 102 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 136 Nm of torque from 4.400 rpm, and this power channeled to front wheel through the 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic gearbox. With this horsepower, this Myvi can run from 0-100km/h in just 9.98sec Manual transmission and 12.49sec Automatic transmission.

Let's move to the exterior, of couse the first attractive part is its very sporty front and rear bumper, spoiler, chrome garnish on the door handles, very diffrent from the previous 1.3litre. But this new Myvi still maintain with 14 inch alloy rims but in new design. The headlamp also upgraded to projector headlamp, LED combination rear taillamp, new design and relocation of fog lamp, rectractable side mirror with side turn signal, UV protected glass and tinted film on all glases.

Inside, we can see the one-tone that is all black on the desboard and interior. the steering with audio controll and leather wrapped, chrome inside door handle and leather sporty front seat. The meter also very impressive with an attractive colours combination of white, blue and red and also there are chrome rings thrown in.

Let's move to the In-Car-Audio System (ICE). This Myvi comes with the flush type audio system, the full colour DVD touch screen system build-in with navigation system, Bluetooth and USB port. The body come with carbon fiber look while the lighting also changed to red.

The safety features equipped with this small monster is Dual SRS Airbag for driver and passanger. The most important part to ensure safe driving is the ABS, EBD and BA. this Features will ensure your car will not skidding when cornering especially on the wet road.

From the first impression Myvi 1.5 has got the first place compared to the 1.3 version because of its powerful engine and stylish design. Prices range from RM50,900 (USD$14,138) for the SE manual to RM.61,700 (USD$17,138) for the Extreme automatic transmission.

Friday, 28 October 2011

DIY Engine Cooling System Flush

Many of us do not care about the cleanliness of our engine cooling system. This engine cooling system which consisted of the radiator, water pump, hoses, coolant liquid and also thermostat. If the cooling system is not cleaned or d service, it will cause the dirt settles in the water tank or radiator and the rust will be stick to the radiator and horse’s wall. When rust is more and more, it will clog the water flow, when water is not smooth because of the clogging, it will turn your engine into boiler or in other mean overheating. Generally, overheating will cause thousands of dollars in repairing costs.. In fact, not difficult to clean the cooling system of our car and it can be done by yourself. It is very important to monitor the water level in the radiator regularly and make sure it cleans.

1. To change the water in the radiator, open the "mouse ears" that are located at the bottom of the radiator and let the tank drain. Then put back the "mouse ears" to its position. Aims for removing rust deposit in the radiator. Don't forget to open the radiator main cap.

2. Then, loosen the nut of the thermostat housing, remove the thermostat and then screw the thermostat housing again without thermostat. Open the big hose from the thermostat housing to the radiator on the radiator side. At this time, put back the radiator cap to its position. (Remember to standby the seal gasket for the thermostat housing)

3. Pull the rubber hose from the pipe of your house and put the hose into the hole of the radiator, that should be connect the radiator hose from the thermostat housing just now. Let the pipe water circulate for a 3/4minit inside your car cooling system until the water clear. The pipe water should flow out from the hose that you just disconnect from the radiator.
4. After the clear water flows out, drain the water in the radiators again through a "mouse-ear screw" and rescrew it back after the radiator drained. Then it is time to wash thermostat from rust and dirt. After thermostat is clean, re-enter thermostat in place and connect the hose to the last detach. After all ensured correct and tight, put coolant into the radiator and a little in the radiator water storage tanks. Then add pipe water into the radiator until the radiator is full. It is recommended to use mineral water instead of pipe water.

5. Start the engine for a 2-3minit and add more water into the radiator until full and don't forget to add water into the radiator water storage tanks. Make sure there are no leaks at the joints and screws.

6. And now, your engine cooling system in a fresh mode. Just try it, and Good luck.

Wheel Hub Center Ring/Cone

Your car vibrating after changed to a new rims? tire and rims definitely was not balanced off? Usually workshop personnel knows what to do if customers change to new tires and rims, of course they will be rotated (balancing process). If your car still vibrates even though the tires and rims rotated, check your new rims if there got any space in the middle, I mean in between the hub and the rim. Means that the wheel hub did not fit with the new rims / fully seated on the wheel hub. If this happens, I am sure your vehicle will vibrates at speed range of 90km/h and above.

This problem can be solved  by using "Wheel Hub Center Ring" or better known as the Center cone. Center cone is available in various sizes for fit with. Picture below is an example of Center cone could be found in the market.

Center Ring Cone
Center Cone fitted to the rim
 When the Center Cone installed on your new rims, meaning that there is no more space for the rim to move that causing vibrations. The function of the Center Cone is to fill up the empty space  between rim and wheel hub . The four lug nuts that lock the rim is not sufficient to prevent the rim from shaking when spinning in a high speed . I had been using this on my 14inch rim, and the results was very satisfactory, no more annoying vibration when driving in high speed

Center cone price starts from (Ringgit Malaysia) RM25-RM75 (US$90 - US$270) a piece depending on size and quality. usually only the front rim will be fitted with this, but personally  encouraged to fit it to the rear rims too. Hopefully this post will help to solve the vibration to the car while driving

Component That May Cause Our Car Vibrating in Steering Wheel or Body

Vibration on the steering wheel and vehicle body while driving really annoyed, the faster we drive, the stronger the vibration. Comfortless while driving can affect our mood. When emotions disturbed it can cause us to lose focus on the road and can cause accidents that necessarily undesirable.

Therefore, before a long journey, for a comfortable ride it is advisable to send your vehicle to the qualified service center for inspections. But before that, it is better if you have preliminary information about the problem of your car before send it to the service center to avoid cheated by some traders / tycoons who want quick profits.

Here I will list down some of the factors that could cause the steering wheel and vehicle body vibrating.

1.Wheel Are Not Well Balanced
Wheel Balancing Machine
Tires and rims are very important components to ensure safe driving. If we buy a new tire, the tire and rim should be rotated (balancing process) and make sure the tire inflated with  suggested air pressure.  When mechanic rotating the tire, you should see the readings on the balancing machine, make sure the reading is 0: 0, then it can be fitted to your car's wheel hub. This is because even a small amount of imbalance tire will generate vibration at a high speed. During  the balancing process, the workshop personnel should be able to check whether the tire still in good condition and make sure the rims are not bend. A bent rim cannot be balanced and the tire that are not flat or bald will also generate vibration even after rotated.
Shock Absober
2. Absorber
vehicle absorber work to absorb the shock on the vehicle so that you will feel comfort when the car goes through a bumpy or uneven road. Thus, the shock absorber is very important in order to ensure comfortness while driving, In the first place, absorber also ensures a good vehicle stability control, especially while taking corner and braking. Broken shock absorbers will not work well, in some cases absorber can be "Jammed". When absorber not working properly, I'm sure it will contribute to vibration.

Steering Rack and Pinion
3. Steering Rack & pinion
Rack and pinion steering work to receive instructions from the steering wheel to move either left or right. Damages usually happen to the rubber bush and gearing due to the wear and tear. When the gear on the steering rack has slightly missing, it will provide a "free play" situation in steering where when we turn the steering wheel in a small scale, the tire does not move. When there is free play in steering rack, tires will also free play to turn to the right or left that cause vibration to the vehicle steering. Faulty steering wheel and pinion rack if left for a long time can cause the vehicle to lose control because we are no longer able to control a vehicle.

Wheel Bearings
5. Wheel bearings
Wheel hub bearing is located in the tire hub itself, the front hub usually have two pieces of wheel bearings. The wheel bearings also take for a long time to be faulty, but it all depends on the road factor. Holey or uneven road will damage the bearings faster. Faulty wheel bearings will result in free play in the hub, thus contributing to the vibration to the vehicle and the steering wheel. Normally, faulty wheel bearings can be easily identified because it will emit a buzzing sound and will get louder and louder when we are increase our speed.

6. Stabilizer Bar
Stabilizer bar works to ensure that the hub and the wheel are in position at all times. It is also a rare damage unless you are running into a big hole or involve in an accident that involve lower front part.. If it bent, the wheel will not be in its supposed-to-be position and thus cause vibration in the steering wheel.

 7. Bushing
Faulty bushing due to the wear and tear can be seen with the naked eye, if there is such flexibility on the part of the bushing, means that the rubber has worn out and should be changed.

8. Engine Mounting
Faulty engine mounting can also contribute to the vehicle body vibration. Because of vibration produced by the engine cannot be absorbed by the rubber that was damaged / worn out and then channel the vibration of the engine directly on the vehicle body.
Engine Mounting

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