Thursday, 5 March 2015

How Turbo Charger Works

Hello guys.. I'am sorry for leaving my blog outdated. Now I would like to share with you on how turbocharger works. I believe a lot people out there ever heard of turbo, but did not understand what and how it works. Actually I found it on youtube, and I think it is a good video to shared here with you guys. So, enjoy it! anything just drop your comment below..

Monday, 7 April 2014

EF-DET Performance Upgrade (EF-DET to EJ)

Its been so long I am not active in blogger. Very sorry for no updates/post here as I cannot do anything to my Kancil because it was checked-in into garage for almost 4 month. So this is the latest appearance of my Kancil.

Perodua Kancil EX850 converted to Mira L502 front bodypart

EF-DET engine (Move L9) upgraded with TD04-09 turbocharger, External TiAL wastegate, Tomei fuel regulator, Apexi air cleaner, GReedy aluminium radiator, GReedy deltafin intercooler, HKS SQV blow-off-valve and high performance fuel pump. But still I want more power, more G-force for this Kancil. So second major upgrade had just started last week.

1000cc engine block
Port & polish head
73mm nissan march pistons
Apexi AFC Neo
Apexi RSM
Apexi power flow
Apexi EL1 Boost meter
GReedy turbo timer
GReedy Intercooler
GReedy Aluminium radiator
HKS SQV blow-off-valve
Turbosmart boost controller
Injector 510
Custom ratio 1.0cc gearbox
Double press plate clutch
TD04-09 turbo charger
BOSCH fuel pump
Tomei fuel regulator
Tial 38mm waste gate
Custom 2inch dump pipe
Full samco fuel hose & water line.
On-the-road boost; 1.8bar

All these upgrade touched by high performance garage; RY Garage, Miri Sarawak.
Photos also by RY Garage

Monday, 30 September 2013

DIY: Turbo Timer Installation For Perodua Kancil

Guys, here is a turbo timer's manual instruction for Perodua Kancil. The installation very simple, just tap the wire. First, what you need to do is to identify these 4 wires; Constant positive 12v, Key ON, Key ACC and parking brake wire. How? No need to worry, I will show it below. 

Now, pull and press the latch of black connector behind the ignition switch. Now refer the picture below.

Ignition Switch connector

These are wires from turbo timer that need to be tapped to the wires in picture above. If you buy new turbo timer, there should be a connector supplied. 

I modify the original 3-wired connector to 4-wired connector. Add on; Ground (-) wire.
Once you identify the wires, refer to wiring diagram below.

Turbo timer connector tapped to the ignition switch's wires.

Make it neat & tidy

Now, my GReddy turbo timer ready! Watch short video below..


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